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Since '13

A non-profit organization with the goal of helping peer to peer companies, the sharing economy, & collaborative consumption thrive.

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Launched in '07

Out of SF, Causes is the world's largest online campaigning platform. They have 186M users in 156 countries. Find causes you care about, and share them with your friends.

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Launched in '07 is a B(enefit) corporation, that hosts all sorts of petitions on the economy, criminal justice, human rights, education, the environment, animals, health, & sustainable food.

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Launched in '07

"Avaaz rallies mass outrage on the internet, via online petitions and email campaigns. But is 'clicktivism' a powerful new form of protest – or a lazy option for people who have failed to engage with the issues?"

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Charity Navigator

Launched in '01

Quickly lookup or browse hundreds of charities and see detailed information about their rating, transparency, percent overhead, and a full financial breakdown.

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Donors Choose

Founded in 2000

As featured on Oprah, and Colbert Report, Donors Choose let's you contribute to educational classroom projects across USA, and pick a specific school/project to fund.

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Since '05

Through microfunding, Kiva helps eliminate poverty in over 70 countries by funding low-income/underserved entrepeneurs. With a 99% record of repayment, start microloaning for just $25.

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Charity Buzz

Since '04

Charity for rich people. If you have the pocketbook, you can bid on Dave Matthew's guitar, play one-on-one against your sports hero, or work out with wolverine. Proceeds go to various causes.

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Air BnB

Founded in '08

Let's you rent out your space to others, or vacation in real people's homes. I've met some awesome people using Air BnB and often for less than a Motel 6.

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Launched in '10

Reddit co-founder started Hipmunk in SF to aggregate flights, rental cars, & hotel listings that even include AirBnb. All displayed in a easy to understand, simple interface.

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Couch Surfing

Since '04

From SF, Couch surf for free in 100,000 cities with 7 million members. Build up a good reputation on the site by being friendly, hospitable, sharing culture, & even hosting some couch surfers yourself.

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Trip Advisor

Founded in 2000

Find things to do when you're on vacation.

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Launched in '10

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Launched in '04

Great UI to find cheap flights, & rental cars. Let's you easily compare with all the major flight price aggregators. Unfortunately, acquired by Priceline in 2012.

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Home Away

Since '04

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Launched in '10

Peer to peer marketplace that has exploded in popularity, overtaken services like Task Rabbit, because everything starts at just $5.

A P2P marketplace for people searching for designers. The work tends to be more logos and t-shirts.



Launched in '05

One-off craftsman/artisan peer to peer marketplace made by individuals, hipsters, Portlanders, and maybe even you.

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Task Rabbit

Since '10

Too lazy to even assemble Ikea furniture? Get a Task Rabbit. Moving is haaaarrrrddd. Task Rabbit. Need food now? You get the idea. Hire your peers to do chores you can't be bothered to.

Sometimes you just need help. Execs are available to clean, to cook, even to help you put that dresser from IKEA together. EXEC gets you local help with errands, jobs and tasks, right now.

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Launched in '95

Craigslist is the collective bulletin board for the internet, and naturally it's just as old. Whether you're looking for an apartment, vintage equipment, a missed connection, or an RV, buy and sell anything on Craigslist.

eBay is the global online auction house. Whether it's collecting furbies or getting that Jesus grilled cheese toaster, eBay offers anything you can imagine.

PadMapper makes apartment hunting suck less --fun even. By plotting apartments on a map, PadMapper lets you filter for exactly what you want, where you want.

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Get Around

Car sharing? Yeah, it’s a thing. Rent a car from someone nearby – with full insurance included.

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Zim Ride

Need to be LA this weekend? Log onto to see who in your neighborhood is headed that way too. Catch a ride and make a friend.

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Another peer-to-peer car rental service. They’ve got really nifty smart phone apps too.

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Zip Car

Zip, zip, and away! Join Zipcar and rent clean, fueled cars near you. Unlike public carsharing services, zipcar has a fleet of cars you manage, you pay more but the cars are always clean, ready, and available, and it's easy to reserve online.

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City Car Share

Exclusive to California’s Bay Area, City Car Share actually wants to reduce traffic and decrease pollution through the popularization of car-sharing. Not to mention, they openly endorse walking, biking, and public transit over sharing their cars.

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Launched in '08

Groupon uses crowdsourcing to get tons of people to commit to a certain deal or experience, and it return offers rediculous discounts like 50-80% off. I've talked to business owners and they often don't even break even on Groupon offers, they just use it as a promotional tool. Find deals for sights and stuff in over 40 countries.

A user-driven, forum-focused, consumer-inspired deal sharing site. For shoppers who will only buy if they know they’re getting the best deal out there.

On online marketplace for life. Buy and share the best things to do in your city.

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Since '04

“A discussion of ill-advised efficiencies, failed idealism, and trampled dreams.” In other words, a website featuring community sourced deals and outrageous product descriptions. They offer a single product at a time at rediculous price, there's also shirt woot for you t-shirt fanatics.

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Launched in '95

The ultimate retail site made famous by their review system, low prices, and quick delivery.

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Idealist connects people, organizations, and resources to help build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives. It’s the job resource site for the non-profit inclined.

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Launched in '04

If you’re unemployed, search for jobs for which you’re qualified on Indeed. You’ll be writing cover letters for days.

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Mechanical Turk

A marketplace for work --otherwise known as human intelligence tasks. Post a task you need done, or find a task you’re skilled to complete.

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When a few smart people are locked in a room it's much harder to change the course of an industry – or the world. All of us that are part of this startup industry are lucky enough to live at a crazy intersection of vision, capital, and appetite for risk. If you that know you can change things with just a small team of people who believe in you, Startuply is here to help connect you with startup jobs and companies.

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Founded in '04

Finds reviews for restaurants, businesses, services, and even people. Yelp has become popular because of their secret sauce engine that eliminates fake, and unreliable reviews.