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Launched in '09

The mother of crowdfunding, over $350 million has been pledged by more than 2.5 million people, funding more than 30,000 creative projects.

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Indie Go Go

Launched in '08

A smaller, more intimate Kickstarter, focused on smaller projects, also you get to keep the money even if you don't reach your goal.

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Since '12

The aggregator for post-funded crowdfunder projects. Go on and browse the marketplace of successful projects that are the face of tommorrow. Aggregates Kickstarter and Indie Go Go.

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Crowds Unite

Since '12

Lost among the dozens of different crowdfunding, reward platforms, and donation platforms? Crowds Unite makes it easy to compare crowdfunding sites on fee percentage, ratings, country offered, category, etc.

Rocket hub icon


Launched in '10

Very similar to Kickstarter, but they only take 4%, instead of 5%. Also, like Indie Go Go, you still get the money if you don't reach your goal, but they always only take 4%.

crowd supply icon

Crowd Supply

Since '13

Portland-based Crowd Supply, is like Quirky, more than just a funding platform. You also get the money as soon as you reach your funding goal- to jumpstart production.

fundable icon


Since '07

Crowdfunded venture capital, give your supporters actual equity in your company. They allow the traditional reward option as well. More focused on getting equity for a business than specific projects.

quirky icon


Since '10

Quirky has a slightly different model. You submit ideas that are premature, and if they get voted on by the community, Quirky will actually manufacture it, rather than leave it to you.

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Crowd Tilt

Since '11

Lets you raise money and pool funds with friends and family, for local projects, parties, or causes. Also Crowd Tilt Open is a customizable platform for Kickstarter-like ideas.

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Tech Shop

Since '06

Born out of Maker Faire, TechShop is a community of DIY creators and tinkerers. Lathe, Mill, Woodwork, Weld, 3D print, Vinyl, Lasercut, and more to build your dreams.

aww icon


Since '12

A simple interface for collaborative whiteboard drawing using a variety of devices. Send the link & others can easily join. You can save the PNG, share it, or email it.

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Maker's Row

Launched in '12

Starting at $25/month, Maker's Row offers a curated listing of Made in USA manufacturers. Before Maker’s Row, you had to ask around, dig through print catalogues, or attend trade shows.

inventables icon


Since '10

One stop shop for 3D printers, filament, CNC machines, fabrication machines, breadboards, motors, etc.

spark fun icon

Spark Fun

Founded in '03

All sorts of Arduino circuits and other electronic hardware to build your project. They also offer tutorials, classes, and other resources.

thingiverse icon


Since '08

Over 100,000 3D printed objects that you can download free, licensed under creative commons, meaning anyone can use or alter any design.

instructables icon


Launched in '05

Find all sorts of user-submitted DIY tutorials, projects, & inventions. Now owned by Autodesk and part of the DIY community, get a free TechShop class for writing a tutorial.

mcmaster-carr icon


Founded in 1901

The default source for any bolt, nut, fastener, bearing, spacer, screw, etc. They have a great UI, where you can easily filter results, see CAD drawings, see clear descriptions, and get fast shipping.

Github icon


Launched in '08

GitHub started as a version tracking tool, and has now become the hub of open source code collaboration.

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Stack Overflow

Launched in '08

Usually when something isn't working you ask Google, often linking you to Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow is a reliable Q & A resource from programmers that know their stuff.

code pen icon

Code Pen

Made in '12

CodePen is an HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code editor in your browser with instant previews of the code you see and write.

js fiddle icon

JS Fiddle

Made in '10

JsFiddle is a playground for web developers, an online editor for snippets built from HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The code can then be shared with others, embedded on a blog, etc.

quick diff icon

Quick Diff

Since '08

Built out of the frustration of one developer of having to create two files just to see the difference, Quick diff simply let's you paste too pieces of code and compare.

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Since '11

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript templates to get up and running with a modern looking site. With free Bootswatch and paid Wrap Bootstrap, you can get some decent looking themes, with the flexibility to edit your code directly.

grunt icon


Since '12

Grunt is a JavaScript task runner, that let's you automate any tedious repetitive task/testing etc.

bower icon


Since '13

Bower helps you package versioned JavaScript and CSS dependencies in your app. It offers a generic, unopinionated solution to the problem of front-end package management.

docker icon


Since '13

Docker is an open-source project to create lightweight, portable, self-sufficient containers from any application. Lets you develop in the exact isolated environment you'll use to deploy.

Inbound icon


Since '07

A excellent selection & huge library of developer web app tools. Konigi is a place for interface designers.

dribbble icon


Launched in '09

The place for renowned designers to showcase their work, process, and current projects and have it be admired. Submissions are 400px x 300px images. Invitation only.

behance icon


Launched in '07

Similar to Dribbble, but also accepts drawings, photographs, architecture, not just graphic design. Dribbble is for pixels, Behance is for visions.

forrst icon


Launched in '10

Similar to Dribbble but more of a feedback community. Also invite only, but easier to get. Forrst allows images, text, links, code, and welcomes developers.

Designspiration icon

Similar to Designerboard, but aggregates designs from all over the web. It is also nudity-free.

Designerboard icon


Since '13

Aggregates Behance, Dribble, and Designer News to create a great full screen experience to find inspiration.

Niice icon


Since '11

"A search engine with taste." Aggregates designerboard, dribbble, and behance. Filter by color, objects, or both.

color code icon

Colour Code

Made in '13

An awesomely designed little web app to quickly experiment with palette options, save a palette, and export it.

color lovers icon

Colour Lovers

Since '04

Share and explore different color palettes to get some design inspiration.

zazzle icon


Founded in '99

Make and buy custom cards, clothing, mugs, luggage tags, business cards, shirts, phone cases, etc.

A very well done series of YouTube videos tutorials. Learn Photoshop while being entertained. It also won a Webby.

queeky icon


Since '06

Records while you draw, and offers an impressive suite of tools. They also have real-time collaboration with multidraw, an impressive community, and you own the rights to everything you draw.

pencil madness icon

Pencil Madness

Since '11

An really nice set of brushes that produces a unique style. Has a feature to extract colors from an image to create a color palette for your drawing. Get some inspiration here.

pixlr icon


Since '08

Someone managed to cram a lot of the functionality of photoshop into a free web app. Pretty impressive.

deviantArt muro icon

deviantArt Muro

Made in '10

Beautiful interface, features 28 unique brushes. Your work is automatically saved (to your Sta.sh account) from your first brush stroke, and your creative process can be replayed, posted and shared.

sketch.io icon


Made in '13

Simple but useful HTML 5 inferace that works well in tablet/mobile. Can also draw on pictures taken from built-in camera, and can be used to sign PDFs.

graffiter icon


Since '12

Practice your graffiti skills by using the spray paint and marker brushes on actual street wall backdrops. Think digital can't compete with actually holding a spray can? These people disagree.

colorillo icon


Made in '09

Colorillo is a collaborative drawing web app. There is no undo feature, but if someone vandalizes your drawing, you can step it back and recover and copy the original.

DNSimple icon


Launched in '10

Provides many modern features and easy integration into common web apps, and takes the headache out of managing domains.

square space icon


Launched in '04

Squarespace has been called the Apple of CMS. With many stunning modern themes to choose from, built for responsive/mobile design, quickly create a beautiful site.

wordpress icon


Since '03

Built off PHP, Wordpress won the battle against Drupal and Joomla. Today 68 million sites, fortune 500 companies and blogs use WordPress for CMS. There are also 26k plugins.

weebly icon


Launched in '06

The easiest to use, with their drag-and-drop editor a novice build a site within an hour. Similar to Wix, but more flexibile (change templates, import external templates, edit CSS / HTML, & export your website).

panabee icon


Since '09

Panabee help you find a domain name, by putting in different keywords and instantly seeing what domains are available and related concepts.

Inbound icon


Since '10

A place for marketers to post articles and links and such.

concept feedback icon

With a max 2 day turn around, provides feedback from thousands of professional designers and developers. Free to $50.

mail chimp icon

Mail Chimp

Founded in '01

An easy system to manage your e-mail subscriber mailing list. It's what most companies use.

startup weekend icon

54 hour weekend-long, hands-on event to validate your ideas, form teams, build a viable product, demo prototypes, get feedback from experts & launch start-ups. Powered by the Kauffman Foundation.

Startup open icon

Startup Open

Since '10

A featured event/competition of Global Entrepreneurship Week, to identify and recognize the global 50 most promising ventures, based on strength of concept, growth projections, and knowledge of the market.

startup digest icon

Publishes hundreds of newsletters to get involved in startup communities around the world. Acquired by Startup Weekend to combine forces and scale to 300 cities.

500 startups icon

500 Startups

Since '11

Provides early-stage companies with up to $250K, the startup accelerator program, and unique events like SmashSummit, UnSexy, and GeeksOnaPlane.

Startup america icon

A national network of startup communities to help American startups succeed. Apply for free or discounted products like Google Adwords, Intuit payroll, or Salesforce.