Handpicked Websites

No ads, no money, no ulterior motives, just honest people submitting websites they love, & our editors handpicking only the best.

Handpicked Websites

No ads, no money, no ulterior motives, just honest people submitting websites they love, & our editors handpicking only the best.

Designerboard icon


Since '13

Aggregates Behance, Dribble, and Designer News to create a great full screen experience to find inspiration.

Code School icon

Code School

Since '11

Great coding courses that each specify on some area of web, backend, frontend, or app design. They offer a few for free but a subscription is only $30/month.

fest 300 icon

Fest 300

Since '13

Looking to go beyond Burning Man and experience all sorts of global epic festivals? Fest 300 curates the top 300 in the world.

Kickstarter icon


Launched in '09

The quintessential crowdfunding platform. New tech, art, and indie projects that would never be possible without the support of individuals.

Information is Beautful is run by David McCandless, who is a data journalist, information designer and is passionate about visualizing information and infographics. He's interested in how this can help us understand the world, cut through BS and reveal hidden connections, patterns and stories underneath. A terrific collection of infographics.

ok cupid icon

Ok Cupid

Launched in '04

Ok cupid is free and they match you based on compatibility questions, where you rank the importantance. They also aggregate dating data in Ok Trends.

Ted icon


Since '06

Mind-blowing talks from some of the world's most brilliant people. Here's a list of top talks according to user engagement.

Air BnB icon

Air BnB

Founded in '08

Let's you rent out your space to others, or vacation in real people's homes. I've met some awesome people using Air BnB and often for less than a Motel 6.

music map icon

Music Map

Made in '05

Wanted to see how artists are connected or discovery new music related to what you like? Just type in an artist, and see the network of influences, genre-related bands, etc.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Launched in '06

Started as a series of video tutorials for Salman Khan to teach his niece math, Khan Academy has since exploded into many subjects like history, heathcare, medicine, finance, science, econ, art, and CS.

next draft icon

Next Draft

Since '01

Dave Pell sends you a curated daily news summary with links to technology, ideas, and culture. Basically a news TL;DR.

Rumpus icon

The Rumpus

Since '08

Full of honest, well-written writings.

Lumosity icon


Launched in '07

My LPI is over 1700. Can you compete? I recommend these brain games to all my friends & family, and think brain health is as important as physical.

Quora icon


Launched in '09

A question and answer site that gets it right. Quora's reputation system often produces really insightful and thought out responses to life's biggest and smallest questions.

Erowid icon


Founded in '95

A place to get straight facts about drugs, and also share your experiences.

free rice icon


Since '07

Feed the world while learning trivia, and strengthening your vocabulary. Your eyeballs are worth enough to pay for people's meals. It's a win-win.

Ad block plus icon

Ad Block+

Made in '06

If you don't know about Ad Block, I just made your day. Eliminates almost all of the annoyance around the web, available for most modern browers.

iTunes U icon

iTunes U

Launched in '07

Apple's shot at transforming education. Comes with iPhone and iPad apps to keep track of what you've watched, read, and your progress. Great resources from Top Universites, and at your own pace. If you're looking at iOS development, definitely should look at the top rated Stanford course.

RSA icon

RSA Animate

Since '12

Talks and speakers similar to TED. They then condense these ideas into 5 minute drawing to help you follow along, it's bloody brilliant!

I use this icon

I Use This

Since '06

A great place to find mac apps with reviews, popularity, and see relevated apps.

Task rabbit icon

Task Rabbit

Since '10

Too lazy to even assemble Ikea furniture? Get a Task Rabbit. Moving is haaaarrrrddd. Task Rabbit. Need food now? You get the idea. Hire your peers to do chores you can't be bothered to.

outgrowme icon


Since '12

The aggregator for post-funded crowdfunder projects. Go on and browse the marketplace of successful projects that are the face of tommorrow. Aggregates Kickstarter and Indie Go Go.

Wolfram Alpha icon

Wolfram Alpha

Since '09

By the creator of MatLab, Wolfram Alpha introduces a fundamentally new way to get knowledge and answers, by doing dynamic computations based on a vast collection of built-in data, algorithms, and methods. Amazing.

fold it icon

Fold it

Since '08

Fold it combines the power of human pattern recognition with the internet power of crowdsourcing. Simply download the app, and begin folding proteins and helping scientists understand the nature of biology.

thingiverse icon


Since '08

Over 100,000 3D printed objects that you can download free, licensed under creative commons, meaning anyone can use or alter any design.

woot icon


Since '04

“A discussion of ill-advised efficiencies, failed idealism, and trampled dreams.” In other words, a website featuring community sourced deals and outrageous product descriptions. They offer a single product at a time at rediculous price, there's also shirt woot for you t-shirt fanatics.

duolingo icon


Launched in '11

Learn a new language, free, while helping to translate the web.

dribbble icon


Since '10

The place for renowned designers to showcase their work, process, and current projects and have it be admired. Submissions are 400px x 300px images. Invitation only.

Trendsmap icon


Made in '09

Plots twitter hash tags on a map. See what's trending right now by location.

concept feedback icon

With a max 2 day turn around, provides feedback from thousands of professional designers and developers. Free to $50.

behance icon


Since '07

Similar to Dribbble, but also accepts drawings, photographs, architecture, not just graphic design. Dribbble is for pixels, Behance is for visions.

Inbound icon


Since '07

A excellent selection & huge library of developer web app tools. Konigi is a place for interface designers.

pixlr icon


Made in '07

Someone managed to cram a lot of the functionality of photoshop into a free web app. Pretty impressive.

Coursera icon


Launched in '12

Founded by Stanford professors, Coursera differs in having defined start and end times so that all students go through at the same time like a traditional university. The advantage is you have peers to motivate you and give feedback. The downside is you can only pick courses available when you're looking.

edX icon


Launched in '12

Like Coursera, but not for profit, & founded by Harvard and MIT. edX is taking its time, but arguably building a more complex and capable online learning platform. Coursera is going full-steam ahead with university partnerships, but the courses might not be able to offer the rigor you'd expect or want from Stanford, Princeton, or UPenn.

Crowds Unite icon

Crowds Unite

Since '12

Lost among the dozens of different crowdfunding, reward platforms, and donation platforms? Crowds Unite makes it easy to compare crowdfunding sites on fee percentage, ratings, country offered, category, etc.

peers icon


Since '13

A non-profit organization with the goal of growing peer to peer companies, the sharing economy, & letting collaborative consumption thrive.

treehouse icon


Founded in 2011

Starting at $25/month, learn from over 100 courses on HTML, javascript, design, CSS, Ruby, PHP, iOS & Android.

city data icon

City Data

Launched in '03

Explore visual mapping of your neighborhood. Find the rich people, people of different ethnicities, the unemployed, median home prices, median rent, as well as over 100 other metrics.

crowd supply icon

Crowd Supply

Since '13

Portland-based Crowd Supply, is like Quirky, more than just a funding platform. You also get the money as soon as you reach your funding goal- to jumpstart production.

sketch.io icon


Made in '13

Simple but useful HTML 5 inferace that works well in tablet/mobile. Can also draw on pictures taken from built-in camera, and can be used to sign PDFs.

aww icon


Made in '12

A simple interface for collaborative whiteboard drawing using a variety of devices. Send the link & others can easily join. You can save the PNG, share it, or email it.

maker's row icon

Maker's Row

Launched in '12

Starting at $25/month, Maker's Row offers a curated listing of Made in USA manufacturers. Before Maker’s Row, you had to ask around, dig through print catalogues, or attend trade shows.

code pen icon

Code Pen

Made in '12

CodePen is an HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code editor in your browser with instant previews of the code you see and write.

8 tracks icon

8 Tracks

Launched in '08

Internet radio and user submitted playlists for many moods and occasions.

meetup icon


Launched in '02

Comedy, concerts, parties, and a lot of software developers. Host or go to a Meetup around any idea or topic.

rap genius icon

Rap Genius

Since '10

Think rap is all about bitches, ho, violence, thug life etc.? You're missing out on the deeper poetry these artists are trying to share.

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